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🧬🌍 GenWorlds

🧬🌍 GenWorlds is the event-based communication framework for building multi-agent systems.

Hello (Gen)World

We are building an ecosystem of Generative AI applications. Join the community to be the first to learn about what others are building.


Use Case Highlight: All-In RoundTable

Imagine summoning history’s brightest minds for a group discussion on anything. Ask them for help or bounce ideas off them. RoundTable is not just a Chatgpt wrapper, it's a team of AI agents acting independently with specific personalities, memories and expertise.

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Customizable Environments

Design every aspect of your world, from the AI Agents and objects to their goals and memories.

Scalable Architecture

Our architecture adjusts with your needs. From WebSocket to multiple interfaces, we scale for optimal performance regardless of the task at hand.


A repository of ready-made memories and tools at your disposal designed to be easily deployed within your GenWorld.

Cognitive Processes

Choose the brain for your agents. From Tree of Thoughts to Chain of Thoughts and AutoGPT, each agent can think differently, aligning with their purpose.

Coordination Protocols

Pick from a range of organization processes for agent coordination, such as token-bearer or serialized processing, ensuring efficient task execution.

3rd Party GenWorld Integration

Leverage the power of the marketplace. Seamlessly connect existing agents and worlds to amplify your GenWorld's capabilities.

Join our Community πŸš€

GenWorlds is not just an AI platform; it's a vibrant community of developers, AI enthusiasts, and innovators who are shaping the future of AI. We value collaboration, innovation, knowledge sharing, and mutual growth.

Andre Zayarni
Andre Zayarni
CEO of Qdrant
We are thrilled that Qdrant is Yeager's vector database and similarity search engine of choice. Now, GenWorlds' AI Agents can be trained on specific sources of data, such as Youtube transcripts. It is fantastic to see how they optimize LLM context windows by using Qdrant vector stores for long-term memory and LLMs for short-term memory. This is exactly how we envisioned our platform would be used in robust GenAI Applications.